Med Contour FAQS

In the hands of trained operators, this treatment represents a unique opportunity to model areas of the body, including extended areas. It is not invasive and it reduces the circumference of the areas treated without anaesthetic and/or surgical intervention. It is safe because it does not damage the blood vessels, nerves and surrounding connective tissue. It is effective because the reduction in circumference is visible and measurable even after the first session. It is pleasant and does not have irritating side-effects.
The method has been developed to assist medium weight or overweight men and women who wish to enhance their physical profile. It offers an alternative for anyone who wishes to effectively reduce the fat deposits of subcutaneous adipose tissue in problematic areas without recourse to surgery. However, the treatment is not a substitute for a healthy diet and regular physical exercise.
A scientific study conducted in Italy and Germany found an average circumference reduction of 3.01 cm (min. 0.9 cm / max. 4.7 cm) after two treatment sessions for the abdomen. Professional practice confirms these results. In individual cases, however, it is possible that the reduction is less or absent.
Med Contour uses a patented handpiece, which carries two efficient ultrasound heads for the specific and controlled emission of low frequency ultrasounds at a focused depth inside the subcutaneous tissue; Med Contour Dual is conceived to act only on the adipose tissue, thanks to the special shape of its handpiece and to the inclination of the double ultrasound plates, which focus their action on the tissue to treat, thus leaving the surrounding structures (i.e. skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue) undamaged.
The treatment is not invasive. Most clients and patients report a pleasant, painless experience, with side effects occurring extremely rarely. Those who have received treatment can go about their normal day immediately. In America, for example, the Med Contour treatment is carried out during the lunch break. A session lasting approximately 60 minutes suffices for the treatment of a normal abdomen. The treatment comprises an average of 6-8 sessions. While most clients show significant improvement after the first treatment, some require further sessions.
One session lasts approximately one to one and a half hours. For each area concerned, 6 to 10 treatments are recommended, spaced out over 7-10 day intervals. A lymph-drainage session must be scheduled between each complete session (cavitation + lymph-drainage).
After treatment, the client can immediately return to his or her normal daily activity. A period of convalescence is not required. Pains or sickness do not occur. In addition to proper sleep and physical activity, diet also plays an important role. The following rules should be observed: It is important to refrain from including short-chain carbohydrates in one’s diet for 2 days. If quickly-assimilable carbohydrates are consumed, there is a danger that the liberated fats will re-accumulate in other places. After three days, most of the fat has been disintegrated so that it is possible to recommence moderate consumption of carbohydrates until the following treatment. The effect of the treatment is also facilitated by consumption of light, low-fat content foods, so as not to hinder the processing of the liberated lipids and to encourage their effective use in the metabolism. It is not necessary to provide additional supplements for the liver. On the other hand it is strongly recommended to drink 2-3 litres a day and to engage in moderate physical activity.
The frequency is what determines the penetration depth of the ultrasound beam: reducing the frequency increases the penetration depth. An ultrasound beam emitted at a frequency of 1 MHz on adipose tissue is theoretically able to maintain half its intensity at a depth of up to 10 cm. If the beam hits other tissues such as muscles or tendons, it will lose intensity and its penetration level will be reduced.
The Med Contour system performs its action through a special ultrasonic handpiece, which has a concave base as lodge for two partially overlapping ultrasonic transducers. MED CONTOUR can therefore work on localised adiposity in a safe, comfortable and effective manner over time, offering immediate and noticeable results, without pain and recovery periods, and stimulating the natural lipid metabolism process. A visible reduction in volume to the treated areas can be seen after each treatment. The safety of Med Contour is further guaranteed by its 1 MHz low carrier frequency modulation system.
Thanks to the numerous preset programs for each area, the low frequency modulation and its particular emission geometry, Med Contour can be used on any part of the body, with the exception of the face.
Yes, there are contraindications. It is strongly recommended that these methods not be used on patients who suffer from heart disease or have active vascular illnesses, on subjects who have pacemakers or are suffering from thrombosis and/or thrombophlebitis, or anyone affected by serious fat metabolism disorders or are undergoing anticoagulant therapy. It is also not recommended for use on patients who have had medical transplants, women who are pregnant and people with metal prostheses.
The lymph-drainage massage helps the body eliminate the liquids and waste produced by the cavitation treatment through the lymph nodes. The lymph-drainage treatment is the only thing that can visibly reduce the volume of the treated areas.
The oscillation generated by the low frequency ultrasounds creates microbubbles (or cavities) which implode within the fat mass and the adipocytes, causing it to turn to fluid and encouraging the exit of the fats themselves. The content of the adipocytes, consisting mainly of triglycerides, is distributed in the interstitial liquid and is subsequently transported to the liver through the lymphatic and vascular systems. Lymph-drainage massage helps the body to eliminate the liquids and the fat deposits – removed by the cavitation process – through the lymph nodes. This effect is of key importance for the absorption of the fatty mass previously treated with the ultrasound handpiece, ensuring acceleration of the elimination of the remaining fats. All of this greatly enhances the efficient working of the liver, which would otherwise become overloaded.
Certain findings prove that processes of the organism have the effect of neutralising variations of the adipose tissues and liberated fat. Therefore fat does not stagnate in significant quantities in the blood or in the liver. Clinical studies have proven this. No differences have been found, after any application, in serum lipid levels or hepatic values and inflammation has not been experienced by any subject.
As a key organ involved in lipid metabolism, the liver ensures that the liberated fat is used by the organism, and it needs to use energy to do this. If there has been previous damage or if it is subject to elevated overloads, it must first be regenerated. Treatment ensures the liberation of toxins accumulated in the adipose tissue, which must be purified in the liver and expelled through the kidneys and intestine. Therefore these organs must function properly or be appropriately supported. A headache or nausea can indicate an excessive overload of toxins.
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One reason is the weak metabolism of the adipose tissue. Physical activity has the effect of reducing the blood supply to the adipose tissues in the abdomen and hip areas, which is why one notices a cold sensation in these areas. And only very few fatty acids are mobilised.
The approach here is completely different. Dieting allows weight to be reduced in an aspecific manner, which is very often appropriate. Equally often, however, dieting fails to get rid of localised deposits in the problematic areas, which is where Med Contour Dual comes in – with its ability to eliminate the adipose deposits in a targeted manner, modifying body proportions to good effect.

Face Up

The Face Up system requires simple and rapid maintenance. The mechanical and electronic parts making up the abrasion handpiece and the machine body are unlikely to be subject to fault or breakdown. The cleaning required for compliance to patient safety hygiene requirements is quick and simple: in fact the external part of the machine can be cleaned using a clean cloth, moistened with neutral soap, dissolved in water. Should the machine require disinfection, a solution of ethylic acid and water or a liquid disinfectant is all that is needed.Furthermore, after each treatment the easy-to-fit, single-use heads are easily replaced with one simple action and are thus quickly ready for the next treatment.
Microdermabrasion using Corundum requires much less maintenance than microdermabrasion using Carbex as there are no filters to be cleaned and/or periodically replaced. The use of single-use Carbex heads, which are fitted by exerting a light pressure, without recourse to tools, means that the system is ready-to-use between one treatment and the next, reducing maintenance and cleaning times and thus allows the operator to save precious time. Furthermore, as Carbex treatment does not require a suction cycle, this means that troublesome, epidermal suction issues can be avoided. It should also be highlighted that the Carbex system is a lot quieter as it does not have the vacuum circuit required by corundum systems, thus providing increased comfort for both the operator and the patient.  The carbex system prevents the diffusion of powders into the room, resulting in a cleaner treatment. Furthermore, Carbex system consumables do not require as large a storage space as that required by corundum containers, thus even small premises can hold large quantities of such consumables.The Carbex system is simple and easy to use.
The treatment is generally pain-free and does not require anaesthesia
A new, single-use head must be used for each patient. One head is sufficient for one facial treatment.
This depends by the condition to be treated and by the patient’s response to the treatment. It is recommended that a treatment be carried out every 7-10 days.
The abrasive head consists of a layer of ultra-pure Carbex mineral crystals.
Carbex is silicon carbon, a bio-compatible, anti-allergenic material.
A sample group of this product has undergone in-depth tests and experiments, with the following result:
– the product is non-irritant and non-sensitising (non allergenic);

Test manager: Dr Erika C. Schmitt, medical     surgeon and  dermatology specialist.
Certification: Authority certification Ager test No. A462/06 exclusively licensed to General Project Srl.

The face appears smoother and more polished from the very first treatment, with no impurities or specific reddening. A series of 4 – 8 treatments is required for more significant results, although the number of treatments depends on the condition to be treated and on the patient’s response to the procedure.
FACE UP handpiece abrasion depends on the following parameters:

  • the grain of the fitted head;
  • the selected intensity of treatment;
  • the number of times the head is passed over the same area of the face;
  • handpiece movement speed;
  • the pressure exerted by the operator on the handpiece.

Abrasion of approximately 30 μm per passage has been calculated when using an XC head under the “Intense” treatment intensity setting.

In the days following treatment (3-5 days), it is recommended that:

  • No formulation containing AHA or BHA (glycolic, lactic or salicylic acid) be applied;
  • Skin be hydrated several times a day;
  • In the event of exfoliation or evident dryness, emollient lotions with a softening – soothing action be used;
  • UVA – UVB lamps and sun-exposure be avoided, protecting the skin with sun protection products containing UVA – UVB (titanium dioxide) filters;
  • Should stinging, burning and reddening of the skin occur, an absorbing, soothing and cooling mask be applied every day (thermal, vegeto-mineral muds enriched with vegetal extracts, such as: chamomile, linden, Melissa).

It aims to eliminate or correct certain conditions of the skin originating in the epidermis and in the more superficial layers of the dermis.
Face Up can eliminate or reduce conditions such as dyschromia, age spots, fine lines and scars and at the same time stimulate new collagen formation: skin appears more luminous, smooth and compact from the very first application, with evident:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Increase in the thickness of the skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles;
  • Peeling

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