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We offer many different machines, as well as the FDA approved Med Contour. Our policy is:

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Face and Body Systems


Oxy Systems

Oxy System is the new oxygen therapy system to treat face and body, which combines oxygen propulsion with microdermabrasion and connective massage.

Oxygen at high purity degree increases blood spraying, improves cellular metabolism and stimulates collagen production by fibroblasts, thus accelerating skin repair processes.

This complete, reliable, safe and effective equipment offers a wide range of treatments.

Why choose it?
Exploiting the beneficial powers of oxygen and the regenerative properties of abrasion, Oxy System allows halting the passing of time combating the unpleasant marks it leaves on our face. The treated skin immediately looks smoother. A performing and functional solution not only against wrinkles and skin spots, but also to fight and eliminate acne or other scars.

Oxygen, a vital element for man, gives vitality, glow and tone back to the skin, regenerating it and restoring its lost freshness.

Features and functioning
Oxygen at high purity degree increases blood supply, improves cellular metabolism and stimulates collagen production by fibroblasts, thus accelerating skin repair processes.

Oxy System integrates in the same handpiece a diamond head, which allows the removal of the more superficial epidermis layers and a delivery system of hyperbaric oxygen, which mitigates the epidermis damage caused by abrasion. Changing the head, you can perform a mechanical massage with an elastomeric membrane and also in this case combine the treatment with oxygen emission. Oxy System also has a dedicated dispenser that allows carrying topical substances and active ingredients deep down through the oxygen.

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Face Infusion

Advanced system for the infusion of topical agents, improved by a simultaneous skin microdermabrasion.

Face Infusion allows a non-invasive, pain-free, transcutaneous delivery of the active ingredients in order to eliminate or correct certain pathologies of the skin.

Why choose it?
Face infusion is a machine specifically suited to combat skin imperfections, a real shower of active ingredients that visibly make the skin young and healthy. The machine uses the principles of electroporation combined with microdermabrasion, which allows eliminating and correcting diseases originating in the epidermis and in the surface layers of the dermis.

Dead cells are removed, the skin regains tone, blood circulation regains vigour, and collagen production is improved.

The result is a feeling of compactness and glow, the face looks young and refreshed and does not feel the effects of time or stress.

Features and functioning
Advanced system for the infusion of topical agents, improved by simultaneous skin microdermabrasion. Face infusion synergically combines microdermabrasion and the controlled transdermal delivery of active ingredients. The special head with circular diamond crown carries out abrasion via mechanical micro pulsations and at the same time releases topical agents, which are delivered by the microcurrents to the deepest layers of the skin. There are four sets of serum available, each serum containing unique and effective ingredients for each of the various treatments. The special metallic head with refilling jar allows delivering the product.

A handpiece for body treatment is also available.

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Face Up

The skin appears smoother, firmer and glowing since the first application.

Skin rejuvenation

Skin tightening

Wrinkle reduction


Convenient, handy, ease of use, Face-UP uses disposable heads with different grain size to guarantee the higher level of hygiene and safety and to match every skin type need.

Why choose it?
The new abrader by General Project is a practical and easy-to-use solution for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and peeling treatments. Face-up restores the skin’s shine, splendour and compactness.

Suitable for all skin types, it guarantees maximum safety and hygiene in reducing even the deepest wrinkles and increasing the skin’s thickness.

Ideal for peeling treatments, it produces a deep smoothing effect and allows achieving noticeable and satisfactory facial rejuvenation.

Features and functioning
The new GP abrasor is equipped with an orbital handpiece providing mechanical micropulsation. The microdermabrasion is performed with interchangeable heads coated with silicon carbide. The orbital movement of the head permits to eliminate the epidermal layer also in the smaller areas of the face, making the skin bright and compact. Simultaneously the micropulsations massage the skin and the face muscles, thus stimulating and improving the circulation in the tissues. The synergic action of the two technologies, contained in a single handpiece, triggers the generation of new collagen. Convenient, handy, easy to use, Face-up uses disposable heads with different grain size to guarantee the highest level of hygiene and safety and to match every skin type need.

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Pix Scan 2

Pix Scan 2 is a carbon dioxide surgical laser that incorporates a special scanner that fractionalizes the light beam emitted by the laser so that it only partially hits the skin in hundreds of microscopic points leaving the largest part of the epidermis unaltered.

Why choose it?
Pix Scan 2 is the surgical laser most suitable for resurfacing, acne scars, melasma, hyperpigmentation and surgical scars.

Pix Scan 2 has a pattern scanner which allows treating large surfaces in a short time. Thanks to an extremely intuitive control panel, you can select the parameters such as dimensions, time and percentage fractioning of the area to be treated.

The treatment regenerates the skin acting only on small deep-lying sections of tissue, leaving the largest part of the epidermis unaltered. This particular feature allows reducing the healing time so that the patient can more quickly go back to normal activity after the operation with noticeable rejuvenation and skin tissue improvement.

Features and functioning
The surgical laser incorporates a special scanner that splits the light beam so that it only hits the area involved without affecting the skin’s surface.

The light beam emitted, split into a punctiform matrix by the scanner, produces minuscule holes deep down causing collagen denaturation and the resulting production of fibroblasts and growth of new tissue.

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Laser Touch

Why choose it?
Laser brings the utmost benefits and allows treatment of any skin imperfection. Laser Touch, precisely because of the different laser modes it features, is a functional and versatile machine that acts on several fronts: from skin rejuvenation treatments to hair removal, from vascular treatments to pigmented lesions, etc.

A complete solution to treat different imperfections and achieve personalised results for each particular problem patients have in a fast and versatile manner.

Features and functioning
Laser Touch is a multifunction platform including 4 different interchangeable handpieces. The handpiece can be changed with one simple action to obtain a laser with different features able to treat different diseases and imperfections. The following handpieces are available:

•Er:YAG Laser 2940 nm

•Er:Glass Laser 1535 nm

•Long Pulse Nd: YAG 1064 nm

•Q-S Nd:YAG 1064/532 nm

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Dental Laser 4×4

Laser System for dental applications and treatment of periodontal and peri-implant diseases.

Why choose it?
Dental Laser 4×4 is a System for photo ablation, photodynamic therapy, photo induction and photo diagnostics. The Laser combines 4 synergic functions expressly meant to treat periodontal and peri-implant diseases, their complications, and other infection diseases of the oral cavity, as well as for effective prevention of related cardiovascular diseases.
The machine is the first to have all the potentialities of the “laser light” built in: tissue bio-stimulation, selective ablation of inflamed tissues, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, combined with diagnostic capabilities of checking the effectiveness of treatments.
The importance of this treatment system is not limited to dentistry, but also affects other areas of social impact. In fact, treatment with 4×4 LASER might prove effective in solving diseases currently treated with antibiotics to restrict the use of these drugs to prevent the development of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains.

Features and functioning
The Dental Laser 4×4 is based on a 810 nm diode laser capable of operating in photo ablative mode, by high energy transfer to the irradiated substrates thus resulting in their vaporization, associated with a 635 nm light source to be used in both photodynamic and tissue photo-stimulation.
The device is equipped also with an additional 405 nm light source, a LED suitable to detect fluorescent substances that may derive from bacteria, and thus providing the machine with diagnostic capabilities. This violet light probe stimulates a natural yellow tissue bio-fluorescence by the laser-treated areas which can be observed using coloured filters.
This optical phenomenon allowed a very sharp recognition of the borders between laser- ablated and normal epithelium.
Diagnostic function is completed by a thermo camera and a heat sensor.

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SMILITE is an innovative, professional tooth whitening system. Compact and lightweight for easy positioning.

Thanks to this new, luminous source with three high intensity light-emitting diodes, the whitening properties of peroxide gels are accelerated.

The perfect way to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness, the quickest and safest route to a bright smile.

Why choose it?
Smilite is the General Project solution to get back a brilliant and dazzling smile cancelling out the staining action of substances like tea, coffee and tobacco.

The teeth are whitened in just 45 minutes in an absolutely safe and painless way.

Features and functioning
Compact and effective, Smilite can perfectly uniformly irradiate a vast area thanks to its special ergonomically-shaped illuminator featuring 3 LEDs.

Thanks to the new light source with three high intensity light-emitting diodes you can accelerate the whitening properties of the peroxide-based compounds. In fact, blue radiation at 460 nm accelerates the action of the oxidising substances contained in the whitening agent. These substances penetrate the enamel rods and attack stains and discolouring making the teeth whiter and brighter.

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Lymphatic Drainage

GP Drain

GP–Drain is a press-massage device for sector massages and venous-lymphatic drainage.

Thanks to a modern and high-tech microprocessor, a practical encoder allows the operator to quickly select the protocol, according to the problem to treat.

Why choose it?
GP Drain is the machine designed and constructed for peristaltic press-massage and venous-lymphatic drainage. It brings the same benefits as lymphatic drainage, a particularly effective method to remove accumulated liquids, relax and tone the skin and muscles and combat cellulite.

GP Drain can also act in the abdominal region, producing a stimulating effect on the intestine and causing activation of digestion processes. The result is a visibly reduced abdominal circumference.

Features and functioning
GP Drain massage is performed using a leg pad with 9 independent sections arranged in a herringbone pattern by means of which the pressure thrust gradually overlaps without leaving gaps during inflation thus eliminating back flow and improving circulation.

This method has been designed to gently, continuously and slowly “empty” the limb from bottom to top respecting the activity of the lymphatic system.

Thanks to a modern and technologically advanced microprocessor, a handy encoder allows quickly selecting the protocol to be applied by accessing a library with 40 programs to choose from, 100 to store and infinite personalised solutions to create according to the problem you want to treat.

Moreover, each section can be set with a different working pressure and the progress of the program selected is shown on an LCD display.

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slim project 3
Slim Project

Slim Project is a professional system for the treatment of cellulite and localized adiposity that is non-invasive, painless and offers guaranteed effectiveness.

Slim Project combines mechanical massaging through a special elastomeric membrane with the effects of ultrasound for a more in-depth action: a non-invasive treatment that provides excellent results.

Why choose it?
Slim Project combats cellulite and localised adiposity synthesizing two particularly effective mechanisms.

Mechanical massage and ultrasound act deep down breaking up the adipose cells and improving the metabolism of the tissues treated. The results are visible already after a few sessions, swelling is reduced and the skin immediately regains a smooth, glowing and compact appearance.

Features and functioning
Slim Project combines the mechanical massage performed with a special GP-patented elastomeric membrane with the effects of ultrasound.

The membrane lifts, folds, stretches and compresses the skin according to the program selected by the operator and the type of disease in the area to be treated.

In this way, the tissue is modelled and moved with a wavelike motion with beneficial effects on the level of the connective layers of the tissue.

A second handpiece combines elasto-massaging with ultrasound action.

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Med Sculpt

By combining massage with ultrasound energy, the Med Sculpt represents the latest advancement in computerized, non-invasive, Body Contouring technology.

Ultrasound handpiece for deep ultrasound action.

Why choose it?
Med Sculpt allows performing a complete body contouring treatment combating cellulite and localised adiposity blemishes. The effects are visible after just a few sessions and result in a smoother skin and a reduction of the circumference of the areas treated.

Ideal to get back tone, this machine is perfect for targeted pre- and post-liposuction treatments. The body regains vigour, youth and elasticity.

Two non-invasive techniques, massage and ultrasound, act in symbiosis improving arterial and venous lymphatic circulation and considerably reducing subcutaneous fat. Added to this is phototherapy, based on innovative LED technology, which produces visible skin rejuvenation effects.

Features and functioning
Med Sculpt is equipped with an ultrasound handpiece to act deep down in the adipose tissue and a handpiece for mechanical massage performed through the special GP-patented elastomeric membrane: a unique and innovative component composed of a special 100% biocompatible elastomer capable of generating complete and effective but non-traumatic tissue movement.

A microprocessor controls the membrane movements, which with a wavelike motion lifts, folds and compresses the tissues according to a sequence optimised case by case for the body area affected and for the disease or imperfection to be treated.

The high-luminance (625 nm) LED technology is activated by a special diode that emits a continuous monochromatic beam producing instant skin rejuvenation effects.

A practical adaptor allows using the handpiece for zonal reflexology and/or phototherapy applications.

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Pulsed Light


Powerflash is light and compact, thus easily portable. If desired, Powerflash comes with its own aluminium case, equipped with telescopic handle and wheels.

skin rejuvenation

active acne


Why choose it?
Power Flash has established itself as one of the most effective machines for permanent hair removal. It exploits light energy to remove face and body hair in an easy, fast, safe and painless manner. The results are visible after just a few applications and are long-lasting.

Features and functioning
Power Flash allows exploiting the effects of light selecting different wavelengths so that any skin type can be treated in absolute safety.

The application window size (50x25mm) is the largest available on the market and makes Power Flash the ideal way to treat vast areas in little time.

Power Flash uses the effects of intense pulsed light also for face beauty care.

Thanks to the special Snap-On lamp – an international GP patent – that can be changed in a matter of seconds, you can use the filtration suited to the patient’s skin type and the treatment you want to perform.

Lightweight and compact, Power Flash is easy to transport.

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Med Flash II

Med Flash II is an Intense Pulsed Light device with an integrated cooling system.

An ergonomic and light-weight handpiece makes it possible to treat all areas of the body easily, always ensuring maximum comfort for both patient and operator.

skin rejuvenation

active acne


Why choose it?
Med Flash II is an intense pulsed light device with integrated skin cooling system designed for all phototherapy applications, an effective technique for hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments, but also for acne, psoriasis and vitiligo treatments. The sessions are efficient, comfortable, painless and safe.

Features and functioning
Med Flash II, technologically advanced and protected against obsolescence, is a machine composed of special lamp units, an international GP patent.

The skin cooling system integrated in the machine makes the treatments comfortable, safe and effective.

The treatment temperature can very easily and accurately be selected on the 10.4″ colour touchscreen display that allows easily and intuitively interacting with the machine.

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Med Flash II CS

It is an innovative, versatile, safe and complete device which grants the application of

Phototherapy benefits to all skin types.

Thanks to the new ergonomic and technologically advanced handpiece, Med Flash II CS can cool the skin down and shot with a single movement.

Why choose it?
Med Flash II CS is the innovative GP system for phototherapy applications using the cooling system integrated in the handpiece, which makes the treatments comfortable, safe and effective.

It is the perfect choice for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne, psoriasis and vitiligo treatments and many other vascular applications.

Features and functioning
MED Flash II CS features a new ergonomic and technologically advanced handpiece that allows skin cooling and shooting with one simple action.

The treatment temperature can very easily and accurately be selected on the machine display.

Med Flash II CS

The machine is equipped with interchangeable lamps and filters. Two lamps with different emission spectrum are provided, which combined with the various filters available, allow a large number of applications. The machine automatically recognises the lamps and the filters used, at the same time providing valuable indications to adapt the treatment to any skin type.

The large 10.4” colour touchscreen display and the new software allow easily and intuitively interacting with the system. The energy level and light pulse emission time can be selected according to the treatment type and the skin characteristics.

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Med Visage

The action of the ultrasound stimulates the growth of new collagen and produces a natural lifting and toning effect in the course of time.

The MED VISAGE system offers both the possibility to use pre-set programs or to run it manually.

Why choose it?
Med Visage is the innovative GP system that exploits the action of ultrasound to stimulate growth of new collagen producing a natural lifting effect. It acts deep down to efficiently treat wrinkles, skin laxity and face and neck relaxation with a long-lasting result.

The treatment with Med Visage instantly improves the skin texture, tone and glow, and it has been demonstrated that it stimulates the cellular mechanism responsible for the skin repair and regeneration process.

Features and functioning
Med Visage uses a handpiece with a 5 MHz ultrasound transducer appropriately oriented and arranged so as to optimise contact with the patient’s skin.

The operator can intervene in ultrasound emission by directly setting the frequency, power and ultrasound emission mode based on the desired intensity of the treatment and the area to be treated.

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Why Choose it?
Prime Contour is the new ultrasound system to treat face and body.
It is a unique equipment which exploits the ultrasonic technology to perform complete treatments,
adaptable to all customers and all parts of the body

Features and functioning
Thanks to the two handpieces, it is possible to treat wrinkles and face skin laxity, as well as localized
fat and cellulite in all parts of the body.
It is safe, effective and simple to use and guarantees results since the very first session.
The body handpiece, thanks to the action of the modulable low frequency ultrasound allows the reduction
of the fat build-up, cellulite and the circumference of the treated area. The special handpiece
shape and the large possibility of modulation grant the treatment safeness and effectiveness.
It is possible to perform a lymphodraining massage, necessary to help eliminating the liquids removed
during the ultrasound treatment, by using a devoted adaptor.
The face handpiece uses a 3Mhz ultrasound to attenuate wrinkles and reduce the face skin laxity.
The heat produced by the handpiece stimulates the fibroblasts and the production of new collagen
giving the skin a more tonic, compact and younger aspect. A non-invasive, but effective treatment
to fight against ageing.

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Med Contour Dual

Why choose it?
Med Contour Dual uses the cross-action of dual low-frequency ultrasound to treat and remove localised adiposity and cellulite, acting deep down. The action is centred only on the area to be treated preventing any risk to the underlying tissues.
The effective and targeted treatment is performed in absolute safety and comfort, is painless and without convalescence time.
The results can be seen right from the first application: the areas affected by the blemish show a visible reduction in volume right from the first treatment. The skin looks more toned and smoother for a more harmonious silhouette.

Features and functioning
Med Contour Dual is the ultrasound system with an FDA-approved, easy-to-use and effective handpiece. It works with modulable dual low-frequency ultrasound to perform body contouring treatments that act only on the areas to be treated. The wide frequency modulation range, the power of the pads and the shape of the special patented handpiece allow performing a safe treatment adaptable to each single patient.
Med Contour Dual is equipped with an additional handpiece designed for both lymph node station opening and lymphatic drainage massage, performed using biocompatible elastomeric membranes.
Med Contour Dual can be used on the whole body (except the face) thanks to the various ultrasound emission modes available, the modulable low frequency and the particular emission geometry.
The treatments can also be personalised according to the particular problems of the individual patient simply by selecting the parameters on the touchscreen.

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